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Malaysian Students Can Now Consider Game Development As a Future Career



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Source: New Straits Times

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Remember back in the day when our folks would shake their head hopelessly at the sight of us gaming on our computer or any gaming devices? “This kid surely got no future,” they’d sigh in disappointment.

Well, we always knew we’d be able to prove them wrong one day and the time is now! That’s because the game development industry will soon be adopted in Malaysian schools as a new scope to create a conducive digital ecosystem, according to the New Straits Times. Wait, seriously?

Before we get into this, do take note that being a gamer in e-sports is totally different to this – where Malaysians will be developing games, a billion dollar industry that continues to boom!

Communications and Multimedia Minister Dr Salleh Said Keruak has announced that the Malaysia Digital Economic Corporation (MDEC), under the ministry, will be visiting schools to explain and educate students on the industry’s potential in creating lucrative job opportunities and boosting the economy, The Malaysian Insight reported.

The ministry also sees the value in the gaming development industry, and hopes to change the perspective of this industry that can actually create economic growth and considerable job opportunities in the future. After all, our future revolves around digital technology!

“MDEC will be collaborating efforts to conduct talks at schools on game development and educate students about careers in this field, especially as developers and digital game creators. This is a great opportunity for Malaysia to step into the industry,” Salleh explained after visiting Level UP Incorporated, an incubator for elite game startups established by MDEC.

Salleh added that there has been a strong global market accessibility in animation, visual effects, new media as well as digital gaming industry, thanks to the government’s initiatives in providing the ecosystem for creative technology sector.

“Our local young people have great ability in game development, of which we can be proud of. Some have succeeded internationally, by creating popular digital games. With their outstanding creativity, they have managed to produce quality work that is on par with those involved in game development in other countries. Hence, we will continue to help support the industry so that it grows bigger,” he said.

MDEC chief executive officer Datuk Yasmin Mahmood said MDEC has helped established 54 gaming companies, pioneered by youths, over the past three years.

She said, “These companies have generated about RM500 million in revenue over the span of 3 years, so we hope the government will continue to provide them with the help required.”

“We have to look at game development as a potential future career. The younger generation are no longer tied down to ‘traditional jobs’ as in the past. We, as adults, should support their creativity as future job opportunities are leading towards the digital platform,” she added.

We’re sure kids in school would be happy to hear this news and will soon have a new favourite subject!


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