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Malaysians Angered After Lady’s Friend Says “Women’s Jewellery Should Be Gift From Men”



Source: Twitter

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Where my girls at? This one’s for you.

We’ve seen the world evolve from women not being allowed to go out in public by themselves, women not being allowed to vote, women not being allowed to drive, and so much more to where we are today.

But in this day and age, where we’re finally standing our ground on equality, we, unfortunately, take a step backwards every time some Malaysian woman thinks it’s weird for us to buy ourselves some jewellery every once in a while.

M'sian Lady Slammed Online For Questioning Her Friend's Decision To Pamper Herself With Jewellery - WORLD OF BUZZ

But why, you ask? Because apparently women should only receive jewellery from a boyfriend, or ‘someone special’.

In a now-viral Twitter posting, Nis (@oxyjeonn) shared a screenshot of her friend’s response to Nis buying herself a ring from Pandora. The screenshot showcases Nis’s friend asking her if she’s insane for buying the piece for herself.

Nis, baffled by her friend’s reaction, captioned the posting with, “So I bought myself a ring but look at what my friend said. I don’t get it. Girls can’t buy rings for themselves?”

Source: Twitter

After Nis’s friend questioned her reasons for buying the harmless piece of jewellery, she then explained that she found it weird because, “Usually these are bought by boyfriends, or ‘someone special’.

Clearly not satisfied with her friend’s point, Nis subtly argued back, “I didn’t know girls were not allowed to buy rings for themselves.”

Not getting the hint, Nis’s friend simply said, “I don’t know sister, it just doesn’t feel right.”

Female netizens, completely bewildered by the girl’s mindset, took to Nis’s thread to educate her on how to be a 21st-century woman.

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

We finally live in a world were our choices and decisions don’t have to be determined by a man, so why should our purchases and what we wear as jewellery be up to a man? Intelligence is sexy and so is independence.

Nis’s posting has since garnered over 14,500 retweets.

To quote the holy trinity that is Destiny’s Child, “I depend on me, if I want it”.


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