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Malaysians Seen Swimming In Dangerous River Despite Warning Signboards Placed In The Area


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Source: Pencetus Ummah Rahmat Ikhsan

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What is it with Malaysians and ignoring simple instructions?

It’s become more and more clear that Malaysians who can’t seem to follow simple instructions have no concern over their own lives.

For instance, the Pencetus Ummah Rahmat Ikhsan Facebook page took to their profile page to showcase images of people swimming in a river in Belukar Bukit, Terengganu, despite the fact that there are huge, red signboards warning people against swimming there due to the high number of victims drowned.

DEGILDah ada 2 papan tanda AMARAN.tapi masih ramai yg mandi manda di kawasan lubuk BELUKAR BUKIT.dulu dah ada satu…

Posted by Pencetus Ummah Rahmat Ikhsan on Isnin, 3 Ogos 2020

They wrote, “Stubborn. There are already two signboards warning people, but still, many swim at the river in Belukar Bukit.”

And the signboards are there for good reason.

Swim 2

“Those of us living around this area don’t dare to swim here because we know about this place. A majority of those who have drowned here are outsiders. But you can’t say that they didn’t know, because the authorities have put up huge signboards. What’s most scary is that this place once claimed the lives of five children at one go,” they added.

With such a notorious reputation along with the signboards placed by the authorities, wouldn’t it be smart to avoid swimming there if it means that you could lose your life?

Swim 1

Based on the fact that Malaysians are still ignoring the signboards, perhaps the authorities should step in to avoid further loss of life to drowning.

What do you think about this? Let us know in the comment section.


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