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Malaysians Show True Sense Of Unity When Helping Unconscious Food Delivery Rider



Source: Facebook

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Malaysians of different walks of life have always stood united to one ethical trait, which is kindness.

No matter where you turn in Malaysia, you can always trust that there will always be some Malaysians ready to help however they can.

For example, the Viral Malaysia Facebook page took to their profile page to share how Malaysians of different races came together to help a man in need, after he had gotten into an accident which apparently happened around the Kayu Ara area in Petaling Jaya.

rakyat malaysia semakin hari semakin SAYANG🇲🇾 MELAYU_CINA_INDIAkemalangan melibatkan seorang lelaki berbangsa…

Posted by Viral Malaysia on Friday, June 12, 2020

They wrote, “An accident involving a Malay man, a food delivery rider, near Kayu Ara. Everyone was helping by sheltering the man from the blistering heat, calling an ambulance, calling the man’s company, everyone had a task. They were all busy helping.

In that instance, a car quickly parked at the side and a Chinese man came running out in my direction. ‘I’m a doctor, I want to help’, he said and as he was checking on the patient  an Indian man came along and said, ‘I’ll hold up his legs, it’ll make it easier’.”

“Malaysia is united by different races. The hands of a Chinese man and an Indian man who were willing to touch the blood flowing out of a Malay man who is a stranger, all in the efforts of saving a life. This is why I wanted to share how harmonious our country is, don’t let one irrelevant person destroy it. In a bunch of bananas, not all have gone bad.”

“What happened to the victim, I can’t really say. To the person who ordered the food, I hope you understand the situation. Don’t let hunger distract you from the rider’s well being. To those who make a living on the road, please be careful. I hope the victim quickly recovers and returns to his livelihood,” they ended the posting.

It’s amazing to see how Malaysians truly care for one another and strangers without so much as a second thought.

We hope that Malaysians stay true to the trait of always being kind.

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Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

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