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Malaysians With Foreign Partners Stuck Abroad Are Asking Govt For Help, Here’s What You Can Do?



Source: Unsplash & Provided to WOB

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If you have a significant other, then you must understand the struggle of not being able to meet your other half for a long period of time.

Many couples, spouses, and even newlyweds are not able to meet their foreign partners due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Although the government has imposed what is considered best for Malaysians, many still feel frustrated for the lack of hope for reconciliation with their partners.

To shed light on this issue, a petition called “LOVE IS NOT TOURISM MALAYSIA” is created on Change.com.

The government’s considerations to protect the people’s health and safety are understood, many are also happy that Malaysians are doing a great job of keeping the cases low.

However, not being with your partner or family is hard, especially in the time of the Covid-19 pandemic. With the right measurements in place, LOVE IS NOT TOURISM MALAYSIA believes that it is possible for binational couples to meet their loved ones without endangering others.

The Malaysian government is urged to consider:

  • Allowing Malaysians or foreign residents in Malaysia to leave the country to visit their spouse and (young) children abroad as long as they promise to comply with all the safety measures (quarantine etc) upon return.
  • Allowing spouses and (young) children of Malaysians or foreign residents in Malaysia to enter Malaysia even if they don’t have a residence permit (yet) as long as they comply with all the safety measures.
  • Allowing unmarried couples to meet by permitting Malaysians or foreign residents in Malaysia to leave the country to travel to their partner abroad or for their partners to enter Malaysia, for the purpose of visiting or getting married, as long as they provide proof that they are in a durable relationship and as long as all comply with the safety measures upon entering or returning to Malaysia.

“My fiance from Malaysia and I were supposed to get married early this year in the United States, under the K-1 visa. It’s been in almost a year now since we’ve seen each other, so this is something especially important to me. Thank you everyone who has acknowledged this petition and cares about the people being separated. It truly means a lot,” shared Demar’ Jon Ransom, from the United States.

It has been extremely depressing during the whole lockdown having to go through it alone without my partner. Every day we wonder when we will see each other again because the borders are still closed,” said Amy, a member of LOVE IS NOT TOURISM MALAYSIA.

In Malaysia, #LoveIsNotTourism and #LoveIsEssential hashtags are being taken to social media so that their voices can be heard by the government. “This situation is not being highlighted by the media and it deserves to be,” said Khanusha, one of the representatives of LOVE IS NOT TOURISM MALAYSIA.

You can show your support on reuniting binational Malaysian couples and families by signing the petition. If you happen to be in the situation yourself, you can fill in the google form provided.

Several European countries including Austria, Norway, Netherlands and Denmark, have already heeded the call and introduced “sweetheart visas” that exempt couples from the travel ban.

At the time of writing, the LOVE IS NOT TOURISM MALAYSIA petition has gathered more than 3,600 signs of support!

Hopefully, your voices will be heard and all the love birds and families will reunite very soon!


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Source: Unsplash

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