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Mamak Store Allegedly Washes Food to Reuse and Recook in New Dish



Malaysian Restaurant Allegedly Washes Days Old Food To Recook In New Dish - World Of Buzz 1

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Food and hygiene should go hand in hand, for very obvious reasons.

So imagine how appalled everyone was when a video surfaced showing a particular mamak shop in Kulai Jaya, Johor RECYCLING food!

 - World Of Buzz

The restaurant allegedly took meats and seafood that were already cooked, washed them, and then recooked them in new dishes.

The Facebook page called We Are Malaysian Indians shared a video and two pictures of this nasty action. In the video, a man can be seen washing sambal off of some prawns in the sink. The man even tossed the prawns a few times to ‘wash them thoroughly’.

Source: We Are Malaysian Indians

According to the Facebook page, it has been 3 days since the prawns were first cooked.

“It has been 3 days and these prawns were not thrown away. They wash them in water and cook them again!”

“Curry prawn on first day, sambal prawn on second day, and soy sauce prawns on the third day!”

The photographs also depicted several trays still filled with food by the sink. It was understood that those meats were meant to be washed and recooked too.

Clearly, this gross action by the irresponsible restaurant has disgusted Malaysians too much. Many netizens called for this establishment to be shut down immediately.

“How could they do this, I want to vomit man! Never ever going to this restaurant. Must close down otherwise people will get sick!”

“Where is the health inspectors? Must close this place down!”

Meanwhile, quite a number of netizens actually found this to be normal! They supported the disgusting act and called it a smart move!

“Aiya, don’t need to make so much noise la. All sorts of restaurants do this just to avoid wasting food. Waste food not good ok.”

“Even when I cook at home, I do this. Meats, chicken, prawns that I cooked with sambal but cannot finish, I will wash it as clean as possible and cook them again. Then, you won’t have food wastage.”

Perhaps if your food cannot finish selling, you could try giving out to the poor and needy people? That way we can lower the amount of poor and hungry people whilst not wasting food.

Instead of such a barbaric and horrid recycling of food where people can fall sick from it!

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