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Man Caught on CCTV Breaking Into an Adult Shop & ‘Doing It’ With a Stolen Inflatable Doll for 40mins



Source: The Times & China Press

The owner of a vending machine shop in Beijing, China, was angered when he saw real-time CCTV footage of a buff man breaking into his store and stealing an inflatable doll from one of the vending machines.

Not only did the trespasser steal the doll, but he started ‘having sex’ with it in the corner of the shop. The owner got so angry that he immediately drove to the shop and called the police, who arrested the thief.

According to China Press, the man broke into the adult store on 2nd August, destroyed the vending machine and took out the inflatable doll before ‘doing the deed’ with it for 40 minutes.

Source: China Press

The owner said that at first, he thought the man had already paid for the doll and was laughing and having fun watching him do his thang with the doll through the monitor.

However, when he checked the transaction records, he realised that there weren’t any payments made by the man and rushed to the scene to catch him.


Source: China Press

Source: China Press

Photos of the CCTV footage garnered mixed reactions from netizens, with some saying that at least the man wasn’t doing it with girls instead, while others said that it was pretty pitiful to watch.

What would you do if you caught someone doing the naughty on CCTV?


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