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Man Commits Suicide On Graduation After Girlfriend Encourages Him To Kill Himself Many Times



Source: Daily Mail

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This is why we should always think twice before we hurl hurtful words at people. 

One girl in the USA was charged for involuntarily causing the death (involuntary manslaughter) of her boyfriend. CBS News reported that the Boston college student, 21, had “complete and total control” over her significant other, and Inyoung You had been sending him hundreds of messages urging her boyfriend, Alexander Urtula, to kill himself.

What’s even sadder is that the poor man decided to take his own life by jumping from a parking garage on his graduation day while his family waited for him to arrive at the ceremony.

Source: Daily Mail

Suffolk District Attorney Racheal Rollins argued that Inyoung was tracking her boyfriend on her handphone, and they deduced that she was “present” during the whole ordeal, including when he killed himself. Rollins revealed that the victim, Alexander suffered verbal, physical and mental abuse while he was in a relationship with Inyoung for 18 months. This fact was further proven by Alexander’s classmates and family. 

Inyoung was named the main suspect for inciting the suicide of Alexander because they found evidence of her abuse becoming “more frequent, more powerful and more demeaning” nearing Alex’s suicide attempt. Rollins added that Inyoung would manipulate and threaten Alexander by telling him that she would harm herself in attempts to dominate him.

Source: Daily Mail

Rollins then elaborated that Inyoung was well-aware that she had control over Alexander’s crippling depression and suicidal thoughts, but she still encouraged him to take his own life as she used his weakness as her leverage. As of now, Inyoung is in South Korea and the authorities hope that she will return to the USA to face the charges. We hope that this case can be solved as soon as possible! 

Having said that, it’s important to always to take into account another person’s mental state and emotions when talking to them because all it takes is a small nudge for a person who is psychologically wounded to take an extreme route out (like suicide).

Source: Daily Mail

On that note, if you’re going through a hard time, please don’t hesitate to talk with a trusted individual; and, if you need professional help, you can always ring up BefriendersKL at 03-7956 8145. You’re not alone! 


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