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Man Explains Truth Behind Viral Receipt of Nasi Kandar Pelita’s RM15 “Muntah Cleaning” Charge



Viral Receipt of Nasi Kandar Pelita's RM15 "Muntah Cleaning" Charge Fully Explained - World Of Buzz 3

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One of the well-known consequences of drinking alcohol is resulting in one puking out the contents of their stomach. Aside from that dreaded hangover!

And nobody likes cleaning up those gross vomit that you have just expelled from your stomach.

Just a few days ago, one Facebook user, Mikki Ho Fuze posted a receipt that she received from Nasi Kandar Pelita Jalan Ampang that quickly went viral on Facebook.

The reason was because there was a special charge highlighted on the receipt that caught netizens attention. Apparently, there was a “Muntah Cleaning” item on the bill, and in her caption she said, “SPREAD THE WORD: DON’T PUKE IN PELITA (it costs RM15).” 

She also clarified,

“As far as I’m concerned, this post is not to bash Pelita. I’m a regular and I found it funny yet brilliant idea to stop people from puking.”

Source: Penang Kini FB

But naturally, people took things out of context and a Facebook Page known as “We Are Malaysian Indians” reposted the photo but with a different caption. “Don’t let your children puke in Pelita Restaurant, it is chargeable… macam macam GST pun ada

Source: Penang Kini FB

Another Facebook Page, Penang Kini investigated further but also misunderstood the girl’s purpose of posting the receipt. They thought that the girl wanted to criticise Pelita but that was not her actual intention. In their post, they said,

“Don’t believe in slander! The actual incident is a drunk adult customer puking on the tables and cutlery. It is absolutely reasonable for Nasi Kandar Pelita to charge them RM15 to clean the mess and they also threw away the dirty tableware. If it was a child who had vomited, the restaurant would never charge them. A police report has been made by Nasi Kandar Pelita together with the CCTV footage from that day.”

Seems complicated, right? The original poster’s boyfriend came out to explain the whole incident. 

“On Sunday 2/4/2017 @ 4am ++, I was with my girlfriend and her group of friends having our supper at Nasi Kandar Pelita. This is how all these started, one of her friends accidentally poured her drink on my girlfriend. As shown on the footage, she stood up and started cleaning the stain. Then, HER FRIEND started puking on the table. The CCTV footage is not shown nor posted by Nasi Kandar Pelita. After that, we called for the bill and my friend noticed the Muntah Cleaning on our bills.

“All of us burst into laughter as this is the first time we’ve come across such charges. We paid Nasi Kandar Pelita RM15 without complaining or whatsoever. We had a good laugh about this matter until we found out that this post went viral.

“Nasi Kandar Pelita made a police report regarding this issues thanks to this group “We Are Malaysian Indians” for misleading people in the first place with their false accusation and statement. The police report has NOTHING TO DO with us.

“My girlfriend actually posted this on her Facebook with the good intention of giving everyone a good laughter / joke.”

After all this fuss, We Are Malaysian Indians page realised their mistake and have since deleted their post. They also wrote an update about the incident and apologised for misunderstanding that it was a child who puked.

Hopefully, that clears it all up! And also don’t lah simply muntah at other people’s place.


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