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Man Exposes Unhygienic Practice of Famous KL Seafood Restaurant Staff Cleaning Fish on Floor



Source: Facebook

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Nobody wants to eat anything that has touched the floor!

A user on Facebook by the name of Mikhael reached out to WORLD OF BUZZ after witnessing a seafood restaurant in Charterfield Commercial Centre, KLIA scaling their fish on the floor before cooking and serving it to customers. Eww! 

Mikhael claims that this has happened multiple different times but he finally caught them in the act yesterday (22 November).

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

Based on the pictures given, the staff can be seen scaling a fish on a platform built above a drain. This platform is also the back entrance where the staff often walks on to exit the restaurant.

According to Mikhael, he said that this has been happening for at least over a year.

“Since the location of the restaurant is quite deserted, no health department or even local council would come to inspect the restaurant.”

Mikhael works as a Grab driver and he usually waits for his customers at the airport, hence why he has seen this incident happen more than once as he’s regularly around the area.

“This place is frequently filled with tourists as they would drop by for a meal before heading to the city.”

He claims that this restaurant is the first and biggest restaurant that’s been around in Charterfield Commercial Centre, KLIA.

He further explained that his intention of sharing this revelation is not to give the restaurant a bad name but to create awareness among other eateries regarding the consequences of ignoring hygiene and cleanliness at their premises.

“I just feel sorry to whoever goes in there to eat.”

Mikhael also said that he will be taking this matter to the health ministry.

He even sent us a short clip. Check it out below:


It’s scary to think how we sometimes have no clue how our food is really prepared!


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