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Man Gets Scratched by Dog After He Peed Next to Its Kennel, Proceeds to Burn it Alive



Source: Instagram &Shutterstock

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Animal abuse is really getting out of hand, with so many individuals carrying out heartless and cruel acts on poor innocent creatures. How is it that humans can be so destructive in their ways, even murdering animals without any remorse?

An example of such cold-blooded acts was reported in the Menteng neighbourhood of Central Jakarta, where a motorcycle taxi driver was accused by animal rights group of burning his neighbour’s pet dog alive, according to Kompas.

Source: Instagram

According to the Sarana Metta Indonesia Foundation, who posted on their Instagram account about the incident that happened last Friday evening (10th May), the driver had apparently urinated next to a kennel belonging to his neighbour’s dog, a cross-bred Dalmatian named Lucky, who scratched the driver in response.

“Lucky belonged to an Ibu Melly. On Friday evening Lucky was minding his business in his kennel when all of a sudden a person peed next to its kennel, so Lucky scratched him,” Sarana Metta founder Christian Joshua Pale said.

As if peeing next to Lucky’s kennel wasn’t bad enough, the taxi driver became angry that he was scratched and ordered his neighbour to move Lucky’s kennel away. He then threatened to burn the dog alive if they refused to do so. 

However, Lucky’s owner did not take action immediately as she had gone to the mosque to perform her prayers. It was only when she returned home much later did she find that her dog was close to death.

“When the owner came home she was shocked to see Lucky dying with burns. It turned out that the threat was real. Lucky was burned alive in his cage after the culprit smashed a bottle of gasoline against his head,” Christian said.

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Unfortunately, Lucky wasn’t able to fight the deep burns and died moments later.

The whole event was reported to the police by Lucky’s owner and by Sarana Metta, but an official statement by the authorities about the animal abuse accusation is yet to be released.

Meanwhile, the company that the taxi driver works for has been notified about the alleged murder and has promised to carry out an internal investigation.

“Violent behavior like this is not tolerable, and we would not shy away from giving heavy sanctions to the alleged culprit,” the taxi company’s VP of Corporate Affairs Michael Say said.

Humans really do not deserve animals. Let’s hope the authorities will be just in their actions and give this man what his crime deserves.


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