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Man Gets Stranded at Sea So His Brother Swam 1km to Sarawak Village to Get Help



Right image for illustration purposes | Source: Utusan Borneo & Berita Harian

How heroic of this man!

Recently, a man reportedly swam for a distance of 1 kilometre to get help to save his brother after their boat was capsized near Pantai Tunjang, Sarawak at 1.30pm yesterday (9 January). The two brothers were apparently fishing for jellyfish before a huge wave flipped their boat.

According to Berita Harian, Mukah OCPD DSP Jimmy Panyau confirmed the accident, saying the brothers were locals, identified as Adeni Seruji, 55, and Abdul Halim Seruji, 62.

“The strong waves caused their boat to be capsized and led them to be separated at sea.”

“Abdul Halim was suffering from muscle cramps from being submerged in the sea for too long, while clinging onto fragments of the boat,” he stated.

Determined to save his brother, Adeni swam 1 kilometre to shore to ask for help from the villagers there. With help from the Fire and Rescue Department and the police, the villagers launched a search and rescue mission for the brother who was still stranded at sea.

Source: Utusan

According to Utusan Borneo, Adeni was found by the shore, while his brother was found in weak condition at around 8.15pm. The search and rescue mission fully ended at 8.25pm and the two brothers were rushed to the nearest clinic in Balingian for further treatment.

We’re glad to hear that both brothers are safe. Let’s all take this as a reminder to be careful and look out for one another when we’re out at sea! 


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