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Man Kills 7-Year-Old Girl With Illegal Firecrackers, Gets Fined RM100 ONLY



Man Kills Girl with Firecrackers, Gets Fined RM100 ONLY - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: NST

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Several times a year, on occasions like Chinese New Year or New Year’s Eve, most of us would look out the window to see a display of fireworks in the sky. Although some people would manage to get their hands on these highly explosive ‘toys’, fireworks are actually illegal in Malaysia unless lighted up with a licence. This is because they are extremely dangerous and can cause fatal damage if used wrongly.

This was proven to be true when a man played with firecrackers at Felda Papan Timur on June 14 without a permit and seriously injured a seven-year-old girl, causing her to die four days later.

According to New Straits Times, the victim, Nuraqira Khaeefa Mohd Saad, died from serious head injuries after she was struck by shrapnel from the firecracker.

As punishment, Nor Isham Tukiman, 35, a plantation supervisor, was fined RM100 at the magistrate court after pleading guilty to the charge. RM100 only??

“If I find you being charged with playing firecrackers again after this, I will send you to jail,” said magistrate Mazana Sinin.

Source: NST

According to the charge sheet, Nor Isham was accused of lighting the firecracker and placing it in a PVC pipe in attempts to launch it towards the sky. However, the firecracker exploded on the ground instead, right outside the victim’s house.

The girl was cleaning the front yard of her grandfather’s house with her cousin. She died without regaining consciousness on June 18 while being treated at the Sultanah Aminah Hospital.

Nor Isham was charged under Section 3(1) of the Minor Offences Act 1955 for setting off fireworks. He nodded his head in understanding after the charge was read, and pleaded guilty.

Source: NST

Mazana then explained that there is a reason why fireworks have been banned by the government, and that a proper licence must be obtained to light them.

“Your action not only endangered yourself, in this case, it caused the death of a girl. Although unintentional, you have to use logic to see if your actions could be dangerous. I am giving you a last warning,” he said.

Deputy public prosecutor Azlin Zeti Zainal Abidin appeared for the prosecution, while the accused was unrepresented. The accused’s family then paid the fine.

Do you think the RM100 fine is too little for a crime that cost the poor girl her life? Tell us in the comments! 

RIP little girl.


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