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Man Masturbates Using Metal Pipe, Penis Gets Stuck For 5 Days & Almost Rots



Source: DailyStar

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Sometimes, we try our best to solve our own problems, mainly because it is embarrassing to let others know our mistakes. The same goes to this Thai man who avoided going to the hospital after he got his manhood stuck in a pipe while masturbating.

The 21-year-old man, as reported by MStar, decided to go to a hospital in Bangkok 5 DAYS AFTER he got his manhood stuck in a pipe. The incident started with his idea to cover his manhood with a black sock before forcing it into 5cm-long fitting pipe.

Source: Daily Star

After the sex act, the tip of his manhood had swollen and caused the blood circulation blocked. He spent the next 5 days wandering about his house, finding every possible way to lube himself out. After the pain becomes more and more unbearable, he decided to drop by the hospital.

Source: Daily Star

Apparently, he told the medics that he had done it twice before, only without the socks. He reached his climax but couldn’t remove his manhood out of the pipe.

The hospital wasted 25 blades trying to cut through the 3mm thick pipe. His manhood came out black and slightly rotten due to blocked blood circulation, and this caused some of his tissue to become visible as the top layer of the skin had gone rotten.

Source: Daily Star

Dr Sitra Likisakul said being stuck like that for 3 hours could have caused a man to lose his manhood but he was surprised the man survived even after 5 days. This is for surely a lesson not just for the man, but for every curious individual out there, DO NOT EXPERIMENT WITH YOUR MANHOOD!


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