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Man Opens Secret Box in Mum’s Freezer That She Kept for 50 Years & Finds His Frozen Sister Inside



Man Finds Frozen Baby in Mum's Freezer, Believed to be His Older Sister - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Pixels & CNN

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A man was horrified when he discovered a mummified body of a baby in the freezer when he was cleaning out his deceased mother’s home on Saturday night (27 July).

Adam Smith, 37, from Missouri, had moved in with his mother to care for her after she was diagnosed with lung cancer seven months ago. After she passed away on 21st July, he decided to clean out the house and was going through the freezer when he saw a box that had been in there for many decades, reported Fox News.

Source: CNN

He always knew his mother kept a box in the freezer, but never knew what was in it as she insisted that no one could touch it. Since then, he assumed that his mother kept a frozen wedding cake or some similar sentimental item in it that she didn’t want people meddling with.

He also said that his mother had taken this box to four of her different homes in St. Louis, including the current one where she lived for 25 years until she died.

“This box has been in every freezer of every house that we have ever lived in,” he said.

Source: CNN

Source: CNN

When Smith decided to open the box in the freezer, he saw a pink baby blanket and reached in to see what was under it. He immediately felt something like little toes and pulled up the baby by its foot.

“The baby looked clean. There was no blood on it, looked like a newborn baby. From what I could see the skin and everything was intact,” Smith said, adding that he immediately called the police who arrived shortly after.

Smith told reporters that he suspects the baby’s body could be that of his older sister. He said he remembers his mother mentioning the loss of a child at birth and he even found out from a relative that his mother had given birth to twins – one had died and the other was given up for adoption.

He said that he now has so many questions and theories about who the baby might’ve been, and recalled a time when his mother was upset about something during his childhood.

“All she told me was ‘my first born Jennifer would have been 21 years old today,'” he said, adding that if the baby in the freezer was, in fact, Jennifer, it would mean that the baby had been kept in there for about 50 years.

Source: CNN

“Who absolutely keeps their own child in a box for this long and never talk about it? I just have so many thoughts and it’s just insane,” Smith said.

“I have to wait for the autopsy to see if that baby ever took a breath and I can not help it to think she might have done something to it. I just can’t help it.”

He ended by saying that his discovery had come too late as he now won’t be able to get “closure” about this since his mother is gone.

Omg, what a discovery! Hopefully he will get to the bottom of this and that he will be able to find the “closure” that he needs. 


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