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Man Performs “Yoga” In The Middle of HIGHWAY Against Traffic



Source: Facebook - Samson Singh Nejar

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We understand that under the current situation the whole country is in, your day to day activities can be very stressful. From losing one’s job to a high-stress environment at home, these can easily break a person. Most often than not, those who can’t cope will resort to actions that might cause danger to themselves as well as the people around them.

Let’s take, for example, a recent video shared by Samson Singh Nejar on Facebook that has gone viral. In the video, we can witness a barefooted uncle, wearing only his black pants, lying in the middle of the highway doing some sort of “yoga”. His car was also parked beside him and from the way it is parked, he might have gone against the traffic.

It was also a busy highway as you can see a lot of cars passing dangerously close to him. But he continued with his “yoga”, totally ignoring the fact that he might be hit by a car who may not be able to see him on the road. Majority of netizens have commented saying that the old uncle is terribly intoxicated with either alcohol or drugs. Then the video ended before we could find out anything more.

Watch the full video here:

Jilake punya ah pek, buat yoga tengah highway…

Posted by Samson Singh Nejar on Sabtu, 18 Julai 2020

While we cannot assume and conclude that the man is in any way intoxicated, do keep in mind that alcohol or drugs is not the way to be dealing with stress. Never do drugs and if you want to enjoy your alcoholic drink, please be mindful and only drink moderately. Take an e-hailing ride home or call for a designated driver. By refusing to do this, you will not only put yourselves in danger but those around you too.


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