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Man Punched & Stabbed in the Eye in Damansara by Driver Who Banged His Car & Tried to Run Away



Man Punched & Stabbed in the Eye in Damansara by Driver Who Banged His Car & Tried to Run Away - WORLD OF BUZZ 1
Source: WOB

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Nowadays, being out in public is never 100% safe any more as people have become more cruel and heartless, especially when they are caught being a nuisance. They often resort to violence to threaten others and as a result, many innocent victims are left with serious injuries, and sometimes even permanent ones.

A reader, Sarah (not her real name), recently shared with WORLD OF BUZZ about how her friend was brutally beaten up by a gang of men who tried to escape when they hit the car she was in.

It was 7.40pm on 22nd June when Sarah was out with three of her friends in Kota Damansara. As they were on their way back, they had stopped at a traffic light when suddenly a car crashed into them from the back. John (not his real name), the driver, immediately got down to see the damage.

Sarah turned around and noticed that there were approximately six to seven people in the car behind. She saw the driver of that car and a man in the passenger seat get down from the car and have a private discussion between themselves. John then came around to take photos of the driver’s car number plate, both front and back, before the driver requested to move the discussion further up the road as they were blocking cars behind them.

Source: WOB

John agreed to this and drove to the side of the road as the man had told him to. However, the man did not stop as discussed and continued driving past John instead, probably wanting to run away. This upset John as he thought they had agreed on stopping at the side of the road together, so he attempted to chase after the driver.

At this point, Sarah became worried that the driver would lure them somewhere dark and beat her and her friends up as there were many men in the other car. Having no past experience with situations like this, the group of friends aged 18-23 years old agreed to be extra careful.

During the chase, John managed to overtake the other car and swerved in front of them, forcing them to pull their car to a halt. The driver and the man in the passenger seat got out of the car once more and began loudly discussing with John about the accident. Sarah wasn’t confident that John could handle things alone, so she asked her other friend, Damien (not his real name) to help John.

Not long after that, the driver started shouting and got really aggressive before punching John in the face. Not knowing what else to do, Sarah immediately called the police while her friend, Cindy recorded a video of the fight.

Source: WOB

Source: WOB

Source: WOB

As the police were on their way, the driver continued beating John up despite Damien’s protests, and even though the man in the passenger seat told the driver not to fight, he had grabbed John in a way that prevented John from escaping.

The driver punched John repeatedly and even stabbed his fingernails into John’s eyes, making him helpless and temporarily blinded. Taking advantage of this, he continued to beat John until he fell to the ground and continued his assault by stepping on John’s face.

The driver then tried to take John’s phone as it had photos of his car number plate in it, but John wouldn’t allow him to. So the man continued to step on his face and eventually left the scene, leaving John injured and helpless. With no other choice, Damien then drove his friends to the Mutiara Damansara Police Station, which was the nearest one they could find.

After they had lodged a police report, a policeman told them that the driver who had assaulted John was seemingly a gangster. They were then advised to bring John to the emergency ward as he was in pretty bad shape.

Man Punched & Stabbed in the Eye in Damansara by Driver Who Banged His Car & Tried to Run Away - WORLD OF BUZZ 2
Source: WOB


Thankfully, the results of the check-ups done in UMSC (University Malaya Specialist Centre) showed that John was fine even though he sustained minor eye issues and a risk for retinal detachment. He is now recovering at Prince Court Hospital after going through a laser procedure to repair his torn retina.

The police are currently investigating the matter and are on the lookout for the driver and his gang.

Here’s a video of the horrifying ordeal:


Omg! This sounds like such a traumatic experience for John and his friends! Hopefully he is able to recover without any permanent damage done to his eye, and that the police will be able to catch the assaulter.


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