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Man Shocked to Find Over 1,000 USED Condoms Floating & Clogging Waterway



Man Shocked to Find Over 1,000 Used Condoms - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Coconuts

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In many places around the world, drainage systems cannot function properly as they are clogged with all kinds of items that are disposed of carelessly by inconsiderate citizens. Items like these mostly include plastic bags, plastic bottles and even sanitary pads!

It’s a sad fact that even though authorities have established littering as a crime in certain countries, there are still those who decide that disposing of their waste as and when they so please won’t have any dire consequences.

This was evident somewhere in west Bangkok when a citizen stepped out of his canal-side home on Sunday. He was horrified to find that the waterway was clogged, not just with ‘ordinary’ trash items, but with a whole load of condoms!

According to Coconuts, thousands of used condoms were seen floating on the water and also blocking the water passage near Wat Chao Moon in the capital’s Bangkok Yai district.

“I just exited my house and was confused… Hey? You’re just going to throw it away like that?” the man wrote online around 9am.

Source: Coconuts

Fortunately, Sanseun Ruangrit of the Drainage and Sewers Department reported that city workers managed to gather all the disposed condoms by Monday afternoon the next day. However, the department representatives said they were unable to detect the source of where the condoms came from.

Photos of the waterway revealed that there was a variety of condoms clogging the system, with one package visibly labelled as coming from the Westin Hotel.

Source: Coconuts

It is unfortunate that blocked waterways have become a common problem in places like Bangkok and it is worrying that people nowadays still aren’t aware of how to dispose of trash properly.

What do you think people can do to dispose of used condoms properly? Let us know in the comments below.


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