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Man Shows Middle Finger And Flashes Butt At S’porean Lady After She Honked At Him



Angry Man Shows Middle Finger And His Butt At Singapore Lady After She Honked At Him - World Of Buzz 2

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Singapore is a country known for having law-abiding citizens. You know what they say… Singapore is fine city.

Just recently, a lady driver, Kelly, in Singapore was making a turn into a smaller street but there was a guy in the middle of crossing the road. Hence, blocking her way.

Angry - World Of Buzz

While turning into the street, she honked at him as a way of telling him to move it and let her through.

Of course, the man wasn’t having any of it. He purposely blocked her way because… buey song loh.

In his defense, he was already halfway crossing the road, so why was there any need to honk? The lady anxiously claims that there’s a bus behind her so she couldn’t stop.

They had an argument and the angmoh even flipped her the bird and showed her his ass cheeks.

Oh how cheeky of him!


Angry the the unfairness of it all, Kelly posted the footage to mention her side.


“I hate it even more when I have to shame someone like this, but I have no other way to caution others, especially lone female drivers, of such behaviour and get them more prepared to deal with similar situations.”

“I hope you are proud of yourself and where you came from.”

Many netizens felt that the guy was being extremely rude and was bullying Kelly.

But as much as she was trying to make herself out as a victim in this whole hoo-ha, many netizens actually felt that she was the one at fault in the first place.

And of course there are more reasonable people who felt that both were in the wrong.

Watch the video below:

[arve url=”https://staging.worldofbuzz.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/dash.mp4″ thumbnail=”29324″ maxwidth=”550″/]

What do you guys think though? Was the Kelly really being bullied or was she just getting a taste of karma from being a road bully?

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