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Man Starts Petition To Make Singapore Flyer “Spin Faster” And Blow Haze Away



Man Starts Petition To Make Singapore Flyer “Spin Faster” And Blow Haze Away - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: New Nation & ABS-CBN

Given that birds are dropping from the sky and Kalimantan has hit an API over 500, blowing back the haze doesn’t seem like such a bad idea.

Firstly, we had the guy who asked Malaysians to “blow back the haze” to Indonesia on Malaysia Day. If you haven’t read that story yet, you can check it out  here.

Now, another man on a mission to avenge his country has emerged on social media with a petition calling for Straco Corporation Limited to “make the Singapore Flyer spin faster.”

Source: SOZO

This genius goes by the name of Kesh Meister. And he believes that because “the Singapore Flyer is basically a huge fan”, all authorities have to do is make it spin faster and the haze will be blown away!

Why use a bunch of small fans? When you can just use ONE REALLY BIG ONE.

“Making it spin faster will help to blow the haze away and ensure that the haze stays out so that we may go back to living a healthy lifestyle.”

Ok la, he does make a point. Plus, he did hit home with a point we all can relate to: money (and our lack of it).

“I bet we’re all sick and tired of the haze right about now. I mean, wearing masks just to protect ourselves? It’s just additional cost on TOP of the already insane living costs in Singapore.”

Unfortunately, Singaporeans have yet to jump on this train as enthusiastically as Malaysians have when it came to responding to our local social media “heroes”.

Kesian the guy la, the petition has only garnered 12 signatures so far. RIP!

What do you think of this solution? Would you sign for this petition? Let us know in the comments below!


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