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Man Takes Revenge on Teacher By Slapping Him 6 Times for Punishing Him 20 Years Ago



Source: Youtube

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This man just one-upped the movie ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’ because he remembered what his teacher did to him 20 years ago.

A 33-year-old man surnamed Chang, went viral on social media after he shockingly slapped his teacher in public over the punishment he received in secondary school two decades ago. This incident happened in July 2018 in Henan, China, according to China Press.

Source: Youtube

Source: Youtube

Based on the one-minute video, the young man intercepted his teacher surnamed Zhao, in the middle of the road to have a few words with him. Suddenly, he started slapping his teacher’s face and furiously said,

“Remember how you used to beat me up?! Do you remember?! So many years have gone by, did you know that?!” 

He even screamed his name in the man’s face and said that he used to be the man’s student. The teacher was stunned and sat on his scooter helplessly while his student kept shouting in his face. He did apologise to Chang but that was not enough to diffuse the situation. The drama was recorded by passersby and garnered a lot of attention online.

Responding to the speculations, Chang stepped forward with an explanation. Apparently, back when he was still a 13-year-old secondary student, his teacher would literally step on him multiple times as punishment. That crushed his self-esteem and since he was small and poor, he didn’t have the courage to retaliate. This happened in the year 1998.

Following his confession, a few other ex-students also revealed how Zhao used to physically abuse the students. It was said that one female student had even transferred to another school as she couldn’t take the beatings.

The school has since confirmed the recent incident and a police report has been lodged. Chang was nabbed by the cops at a train station while the teacher has already recovered from the minor injuries. It was understood that he is still a teacher to this day.

Hopefully, Chang can forgive his teacher after this incident. Here’s the video. 


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