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Man Takes Social Distancing To Another Level By Walking Around In A Huge Plastic Bubble



Source: MSN News

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Covid-19 is not letting the world rest. Just when you thought there’s finally a drop in the number of cases, another wave arises. And currently, the global situation doesn’t hint a near end to the pandemic outbreak.

Ever since the beginning, the public has been told to practice social distancing with hopes that the chances of the virus spreading can be reduced over time. However, to what extent would you go to distance yourself from other people? Just by wearing face masks and avoiding crowded areas? Well, while such measures should always be maintained at all costs this man took it a step further.

This Victorian man social distanced himself from others by walking down the streets in a huge inflatable bubble. 

The man was filmed travelling in the ball without wearing any shoes nor face masks, but the plastic cover. It was said that he came from Belgrave, 47km east of Melbourne, according to MSN News.

In the video, he was heard shouting, ‘I’m the man in the bubble!’ as he walked past the passersby who were watching him in delight.

Many netizens have reacted to the viral video by leaving comments like:

“I’m actually laughing so hard.”

“How Victorians are reacting to the lockdown.”

“I think he was just trying to brighten up our lives a bit. Luckily it was early morning and it wasn’t busy.”

This contraption came into view when Victoria recorded a total of 532 new cases and Premier Daniel Andrews threatened to close down all the industries in future restrictions. Five residents in aged care and a 50-year-old man have died overnight. Meanwhile, there are still 245 patients in hospital and 44 of them are placed in the intensive care unit.

It is not mandatory for those who stay in regional Victoria to wear face masks, though the Chief Health Officer highly recommends such practice.

‘You should wear a face-covering when you leave home if it is difficult to keep 1.5 metres apart from others,’ a statement read. 

Watch the video below!

Melbourne man finds a new way to go outdoors and social distance at the same time. Video: Janine Rigby

Posted by Plus61J Media on Jumaat, 24 Julai 2020


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Source: MSN News
Source: MSN News

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