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Man Tricks 15yo Cousin into Having Sex With Him for RM592 but Kills Her When She Asked for the Money



25yo Tricks 15yo Cousin Into Having Sex With Him by Offering Money, - WORLD OF BUZZ
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A 25-year-old man from Guangxi, China, used 1,000 yuan (RM592) to trick his teenage cousin into having sex with him and she agreed to it. So, on 2nd June this year, the man invited the 15-year-old to his house to play (it wasn’t specified what this involved), according to Sin Chew Daily.

After that, he borrowed a motorcycle from his friend and took his cousin to a meadow at the back of a mountain and had sex with her like she promised. When they had done the deed, the girl repeatedly urged the man to pay the amount he said he would give her, but he said he had no money as he owed tens of thousands of dollars to loan sharks.

The girl must’ve kept on insisting that he pay up which made him angry, so he strangled her to death, hid her body in a secluded cave and ran away to Liuzhou City.

Much later on 13th August, a villager was passing by the cave around noon when he stumbled upon the 15-year-old’s body. He called the police, who arrived on the scene and examined the body. They said that due to how much the body had decayed, the girl must’ve been dead for about two to three months.

And because the body had rotted so much, the police weren’t able to identify who the girl was. They could only use the corpse’s hair and the clothes on its body to cross-check with footage from surveillance cameras on the road near the cave.

The next afternoon, the police managed to arrest the man at his rental house in Liuzhou City. After he was arrested, he admitted to murdering his cousin and abandoning her body. The case is now still under investigation.

RIP girl 🙁


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