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Man Walks 100km Across Indonesia To Find Buyer For His Kidney, So That He Can Feed His Family



Source: Detik

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A lot of people are suffering during this Covid-19 outbreak, some more than others.

It’s truly saddening to see the lengths that these people are willing to go through in order to feed their hungry families. One man in Klaten, Indonesia was spotted wearing a cardboard signage, informing others that one of his kidneys is up for sale. Why?

Because he has four children that need to be fed.

The man, Frans Larry Oktavianus apparently walked more than 20 hours (roughly about 100km), going house to house in his town of Ngering and making it all the way across the country to Semarang, just to find someone who would be willing to buy one of his kidneys so that he can cover his family’s cost of living which includes medicine, an education for his kids and to pay off his debts.

“He has four children, all of them are quite young. Some of them are still babies while the oldest is in high school, form three. Larry isn’t from here. He is from Jakarta but he married a woman here, so he decided to start his family here,” Heru Utomo, Larry’s village head, told Detik.

Larry was washing cars for a living in Jakarta but was apparently fired. Thankfully, the Indonesian government caught wind of Larry’s situation and has since extended a helping hand.

It’s truly disheartening to see just how severely some people are suffering while the rest of us take our comfortable lives for granted.

We should truly be more appreciative of the luxuries we’ve been given, no matter how simple or basic.

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Source: Detik
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