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Man With Constipation Dies of Cardiac Arrest After He Pooped With Excessive Force



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A 72 year-old man died from a cardiac arrest when he tried to push his poop out too hard.

The man surnamed Zhu from Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China had pre-existing coronary heart disease and high blood pressure, reported Oriental Daily.

The incident happened last Tuesday (7th January) when the old man was suffering from constipation. He had not had any bowel movements for three days and decided to go to the toilet one night.

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However, while trying to defecate, he suddenly became unconscious and collapsed. He was then rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Doctors explained that the man had exerted excessive force while he was defecating, which led to a cardiac arrest leading to death.

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They also said that when people exert too much pressure while urinating or defecating, the body’s internal pressure increases which disrupts the nerves, causing heart rate and blood pressure to decrease. This leads to the lack of supply of blood to the heart, which causes cardiac arrest.

If you can’t get your poop out, don’t force it! Rather, seek medical help immediately.


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