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Man with Kidney Problems Ate 4 Mooncakes Almost Every Day Until His Blood Turned Milky White



Man with Kidney Problems Ate 4 Mooncakes Almost Every Day Until His Blood Turned Milky White - WORLD OF BUZZ 2
Source: Chinese American Family & Bastille Post

The Mid-Autumn Festival is just around the corner and as is the norm, mooncakes will make their appearance during this time. Although this treat tastes delicious, it’s important to note that you shouldn’t overeat as mooncakes contain a very high amount of sugar and oil. In fact, one baked lotus seed paste mooncake is 716 kcal and in comparison, five fried chicken drumsticks are only 600kcal. 

According to Bastille Post, a middle-aged man, surnamed Wang, from Hangzhou, China ate so many mooncakes his blood turned into a milky-white colour. He said that there were many mooncakes at home and he was afraid that it would go to waste so he would eat three or four mooncakes almost every day for four months.

However, Wang is also a uremic patient with kidney failure who needs to undergo dialysis. One morning, he went to the clinic for his checkup and the medical staff wanted to take his blood for examination. To their surprise, they found that Wang’s blood flow was extremely slow and when it finally flowed out, he saw that his blood was hazy, turbid and parts of it were milky-white in colour.

The doctor sent Wang’s blood for testing and the report was released on that same afternoon. The results showed that the triglyceride level in his blood was 16.6mmol/L, which is ten times higher than a normal person. Mayo Clinic reports that a normal person’s triglyceride level is usually less than 1.7 mmol/L.

In case you didn’t know, triglycerides are a type of fat that can be found in your blood. Any calories leftover from the food you consumed and isn’t used right away is stored in your fat cells until needed. Following the results, the doctor immediately contacted Wang to inform him of his dangerously high triglyceride level.

Wang was shocked and lamented that he couldn’t enjoy mooncakes anymore. The doctor reminded him that the content of sugar and fat in mooncakes is very high and too much of this sweet treat is bad for health, especially for someone with his illness. Data shows that an average baked salted egg yolk mooncake contains about 14 grams of oil, which is about three teaspoons.

Luckily for Wang, his health indicators became normal after treatment and he promised the doctor that he would change his eating habits and be more health-conscious.

Everything in moderation, guys! Stay healthy!


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