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Manila’s Covid-19 Quarantine Centre Damaged After A 6.6 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes



Source: Reuters

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Just when you thought 2020 couldn’t get any worse, an earthquake has occurred in Manila, Philippines, killing at least one person and destroying roads and buildings, including a sports complex that was turned into a coronavirus quarantine centre.

According to Reuters, it was reported that the earthquake reached a magnitude of 6.6, the strongest it has ever been in eight months. The country lies on the “Ring of Fire”, an active belt of volcanoes that circle the Pacific Ocean.

Rino Revalo, a provincial administrator, told DZMM radio station that the earthquake caused a three-storey house to collapse and kill a retired police colonel, while four other individuals sustained minor injuries as reported by Reuters. He also continued that the patients were cleared out from a hospital into tents after discovering cracks on the building.

He further added that if the damaged sports complex was deemed safe, he will provide accommodation for people moving back from the capital to be quarantined.

The European Mediterranean Seismological Centre explained that the earthquake hit at sea level depth of 30km. While the possibility of a tsunami occurring remains unlikely, the Phillippines Seismology agency warns of a possible aftershock.

The Philippines now has more than 164,000 confirmed cases, which considers the country to be on the highest list of Covid-19 infections in Southeast Asia. The nation is populated with 107 million people and has a current Covid-19 death toll of 2,681.

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Source: Reuters
Source: Reuters
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