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Mat Rempits Asked to Give Way to Ambulance, Beat Up Driver and Nurse Instead



Ambulance Driver and Nurse Get Beaten Up After Asking Mat Rempitto Give Way - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Berita Harian / Ctpe

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Mat rempits have always been seen as a menace to our society due to their selfish and dangerous behaviour on the road, and this incident is not helping the stigma one bit.

Source: Kenwooi

Just yesterday, an ambulance driver was badly bashed up by a group of lawless mat rempits after being requested by the driver to give way. This outrageous incident took place on the PLUS highway, near the Taiping Utara toll.

According to Berita Harian, the 53-year-old ambulance driver was transporting a patient from Parit Buntar Hospital to Taiping Hospital. A medical assistant and a nurse were on board at that time.

Source: MMO

When the ambulance reached a junction near the toll at 1.40am, they saw a group of youngsters believed to be engaging in illegal racing.

“Since their activity could affect the journey of the ambulance, I used the speaker to request them to give way.”

“However, my action sparked an outrage among the mat rempits and they rammed the ambulance, until one of them fell. They got even angrier after that and completely blocked us using their motorcycles,” the victim said. 

When the ambulance came to a complete stop, four to six teenagers forcefully opened the door and pulled the driver out. The barbaric teens then punched his face repeatedly.

“The nurse who was attending to the patient at the back tried to break them up but ended up being bashed.”

“When the public noticed what had happened, they (teens) ran off while we continued transporting the patient to the hospital,” he added. 

After completing his duty, he lodged a police report in Taiping before heading back to Parit Buntar. “I remember the plate number of the motorcycle belonging to the teenager who hit me in the face, while other motorcycles did not have any number plates,” he said.

The driver also received four stitches on his face. It was understood that the police has since identified the owner of the motorcycle and investigation is underway.

That route has reportedly always been a hot spot for mat rempits especially during the weekends where the illegal races take place from 12am to 3am, according to the ambulance driver.

Netizens were enraged after this news became circulated on social media with many slamming the mat rempits for their despicable behaviour.

“This is the reason why some nurses and doctors would purposely press on their (mat rempit’s) wounds so as to teach them a lesson when patching them up in the hospitals,” a netizen commented. 

The mat rempit issue has long been a problem in our society; it’s about time drastic measures be taken by the authorities, otherwise these rascals will only become more ruthless!


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