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“McD Not a Place To Study,” M’sian Girl Told Off After She Scolded Small Kids For Making Noise & Playing



Source: StraitsTimes & Twitter

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Students have a tendency to head to cafes and coffee shops to hit the books after class and before exams. In Malaysia, we have a few popular places to do this, but one place always trumps the rest. McDonald’s.

But what happens when a McDonald’s serves one of it’s actual purposes as you’re studying, which is to cater and serve food to families with kids? The place becomes noisy as there are kids running around, playing with their toys at the booths.

One girl out of a group of students studying at a McDonald’s in Shah Alam, decided to tell off some small kids after she decided that they were being too loud, as showcased by Cik Anas (@anas_cik) on his Twitter account. What happened next may very well be the most surprising thing ever.

He wrote, “I saw this picture and had a story to tell. That one time, I was with a friend at the McDonald’s in Section 26. In the queue, I noticed a Chinese family of 5, with 2 kids aged at about 4 to 7-years-old and another one at about 12-years-old. So, the younger 2 kids were playing and laughing at their table, to which from my point of view, is a normal thing. After all, they are children. I was watching them as I waited in line to order.

After a while, there were a group of students, mixed boys and girls just a couple of tables away from the family’s table. There were roughly about 10 of them there studying, based on the laptops and papers scattered on the table and how they each had one individual cup.”

All was calm in the McDonald’s until a girl from the group decided to rudely tell off the kids for playing around and being loud, distracting her from her studies.

“With a very rough tone, one of the girls from the group of students said, ‘Can you be quiet? Both of you are disturbing our studies. We can’t focus, you’re so loud,’ she said loudly until everyone was looking at the girl. Then the kids’ parents ended up scolding the kids, telling them to stop making noise. I was like, ‘Huh?’,” he added.

But luckily, one of the customers decided to put the student in her place, considering a McDonald’s can’t be compared to a library.

“Then, there was this other girl who scolded the student back. ‘Hellos, this is a place to eat, not a place to study. You all are in the wrong place, if you want to study, go to a library,’ she asserted,” Anas explained.

Source: StraitsTimes

The group of students ended up leaving the McDonald’s, after being told off.

It’s understandable to want a fresh environment to study, but if you choose a restaurant, cafe, coffee shop, fast food joint and the lot, don’t expect others to have to adhere to your rules and conditions. After all, our universities have provided us with vast libraries with various spaces for study groups, peace and quiet.

And also, she could have been more polite with her request.

Anas’s posting has since garnered over 26,200 retweets.

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