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McDonald’s M’sia Just Released a New Ayam Goreng McD That is 3X Spicier Than the Original!



McDonald's Malaysia Has a Secret Menu - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: WOB

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Things are about to get hot in here as McDonald’s Malaysia has just released a new (well, not that new) item on their menu! Hint: It has something to do with fried chicken. Mmmm..

There’s no denying that Malaysians love fried chicken as nothing can satisfy our souls as much as fried chicken can. In a country overflowing with good food, we are spoiled for choice when it comes to this comfort food (of course fried chicken can be comfort food) and sometimes, we just don’t know where to go to get our fried chicken fix.

Well, let me suggest a place for you. You guessed it already – McDonald’s!

Source: YouTube


If you especially love Ayam Goreng McD but you also love spicy food, McD actually has a secret menu that is taking Ayam Goreng McD to the next level! This item is not just spicy, but three times spicier than the ones you’re used to.

EXTRA SPICY AYAM GORENG MCD was discovered by Isaac Osman who recently uploaded a video on his YouTube channel on 1st July. At the time of writing, his video has already garnered around 130,000 views and about 4,500 likes.

His video shows the menu board for the item that has a small description at the side, warning customers that they have to eat at their own risk, and even Isaac himself said that the chicken it is not suitable for children. Ooh, that spicy huh?

Source: WOB

He also mentioned that the spiciness of the chicken builds up slowly and rated it an overall 8/10.

“The chicken smells of spices. There’s not really any chicken smell,” he said.

“This chicken is definitely spicier than the original Ayam Goreng McD.”

Source: YouTube

The Extra Spicy Ayam Goreng McD is priced at RM13.99 for the 2pcs McValue Meal, RM27 for the 5pcs Share Box and RM45 for the 9pcs Share Box. Ala carte is also available at RM10 for two pieces of chicken only.

Do take note though, that it is uncertain if this item will be available at all McD outlets in Malaysia. So far, the one that Isaac Osman went to was at Section 3, Shah Alam. 

So, do you think you have the guts to try this 3x spicier Ayam Goreng McD? Try it and let us know if you could handle the heat!


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