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Medical Staff Are Using Plastic Tubes To Transport Wuhan Patients To Avoid Spread Of Virus



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Source: Twitter

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The Wuhan virus is now spreading like wild fire as different countries all around the world have detected the virus on their shores.

It’s coming to a point where medical professionals are doing their level best to contain infected patients to reduce the risk of the virus further spreading.

The @RFA_Chinese Twitter page showcased a video showing patients being wheeled from an ambulance to a hospital in a plastic tube to avoid cross-infection.

They wrote, “[Full equipment to transport patients] Huizhou, Guangdong, was found to be infected with a new type coronavirus. During the delivery from the ambulance, medical staff were fully prepped and the patients were almost completely sealed.”

Though, unfortunately, this method only prevents the spread between hospitalised patients, their family, friends and medical staff members.

New cases are popping up everywhere due to infected members of public who have no idea they have the virus and are among the community.

We urge everyone who is experiencing breathing problems, chest pains, running noses, sore throats, coughing, headaches and any other health issues to visit the nearest doctor as soon as possible.

Hence, as much as medical professionals are doing, it is essential that every member of society does their part in containing the virus from further spreading as well.

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