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Meet Izzati Suza, The Talented Malaysian Artist Behind These Trending Tote Bags



Source: WORLD OF BUZZ & Kedai Suza

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As Malaysians, you probably are very familiar with these art designs. Inspired by food and ointment brands, Izzati Suza creates these masterpieces and sell them in her very own studio shop.

Bread brand-inspired t-shirt

She is a self-taught artist

25-year-old Izzati Suza is a self-taught artist where artworks mostly revolve around being human and being Malaysian.

“I have been drawing and developed my art style since school, and I always love putting humour in my artworks!” she tells WORLD OF BUZZ.

She believes that her art pieces are approachable, and can kindle ideas at the same time. Her studio shop in Ayer Keroh, Melaka is the beginning of her journey as a full-time artist.

Izzati Suza

Ointment brand-inspired tote bag


Shop name is dedicated to her late father

The shop is named “Kedai Suza”, which is a dedication to Izzati’s late father, Che Suza.

When asked what was her biggest challenge that she faced as an artist, Izzati said it was during the time when her father passed away.

“I couldn’t write nor draw during that time and I did nothing for 3 months, the rental of the shop still needed to be paid but I’m glad I have come up against that phase of life already,” she added.

Emotional displays are never less in Izzati’s artwork in an effort to highlight the message that she wants to portray.

“Don’t waste my time, dear.”

“What did you have for lunch?”

Her products with her very own design range from T-shirts and shoes to face mask and planners. Her art design will make you feel like home, and you definitely know that it is from the hands of a true Malaysian.

“Who misses?” tote bag

During the Movement Control Order previously, Izzati was inspired by Chupa Chups, Gardenia and some other brands while being stuck at home. She did her parody artwork on them.

“I did raya packets during Hari Raya Aidilfitri and received a lot of support.” She then proceeded to print the designs on t-shirts and tote bags to sell them in Kedai Suza.

Some of the designs

Candy brand-inspired


Box design with Strange Sugar

Izzati’s art is full of Malaysian flavour, probably because of her experience of growing up in different parts of Malaysia.

She was also happy for her accomplishment of getting acknowledged by A Piece Of Malaysia, APOM as she was the winner of the APOM Ada Talent competition. Congratulations!

The talented artist reveals that her future plan is to open a Kedai Suza in Melaka’s famous Jonker Street. She also hopes to open a store in Pasar Seni, Kuala Lumpur.

“I also would love to collaborate with the clothing brand, Pestle & Mortar,” she added.

Her candy brand-inspired design on clothes

Seeing many local artists struggling with their arts and their future, Izzati said:

“The advice that I would like to share is from my mother, always do art for love, for yourself, but not for the sake to impress others.”

“To create is to inspire, thus we should always help each other, then inspiration will follow.”

Izzati also wants people to live life every day like a masterpiece. If you’d like to support Izzati Suza’s artwork, you can find her on Facebook or Instagram. She sells her merchandise via an online shop as well.

We look forward to seeing more Malaysian artists achieving milestones in life!


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Source: Kedai Suza
Source: WOB
Source: Kedai Suza
Source: Kedai Suza
Source: Kedai Suza
Source: Kedai Suza
Source: WOB
Source: Kedai Suza
Source: WOB
Source: WOB
Source: Kedai Suza

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