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Meet Kris, A Doggo Who Lost Part of His Snout After It Was Cruelly Tied With Rubber Bands



Source: Provided To WOB

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Disclaimer: The following article includes graphic content. Viewer discretion is highly advised.


Recently a volunteer at Malaysia Independent Animal Rescue (MIAR) reached out to us with a heartbreaking story about a doggo named Kris and we were absolutely devastated when we discovered his tale. Get ready with some tissues…

Kris was only 2 years old when MIAR rescued him from a construction site back in 2016.

According to Puspa, the founder of MIAR, they received a call from someone informing them about a dog who was seen with its snout tied up in rubber bands, wandering around a construction site.

When they found him on 12 December 2016, Puspa said he was emaciated and hungry.

We’ve attached some pictures of how Kris looked like when they first brought him to the shelter but as a fair warning in advance, what you’re about to see are images that are rather gruesome.


Kris, when he was first found after the horrible incident occurred.

Puspa explained that by the time they found him, they couldn’t save the front portion of his snout as the cells were already dead. His nose completely dropped off. She believes that Kris’ snout was already tied down for some time before they rescued him.

According to the people at the construction site, this cruel act was done by a group of foreigners.

It has been 4 years since and Kris is still at the shelter. No one has come by to adopt him just yet. Puspa said that Kris is a very strong and loving dog. Thankfully, he has been doing much better since the incident happened.

Here are some pictures of Kris now after undergoing treatments.

Puspa said “I’ve seen a lot of dogs that have gone through what Kris has experienced. We have three more similar cases. Some are much worse than this.”

“Please do not hurt them,” she added on.

Kris like any other being deserves love and care. Just because he may seem different on the outside now, does not mean he doesn’t deserve the love and attention like other animals out there. We sincerely hope Kris will soon be adopted by a caring person who is willing to make him part of their family.

If you’re interested to adopt Kris or other rescue animals, you can reach out to MIAR at 016-997 5301 or email them at [email protected]

No life form deserves to be treated this way. Adopt a pet today and give them the life they deserve. What do you guys think of this? Drop us a comment below.


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