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Meet Skipper, The Miracle Puppy Born With Two Tails & Six Legs!



Source: Neel Veterinary Hospital & ABC News

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Puppies and their little toe beans are cute enough, but imagine a puppy with six sets of it.

The Neel Veterinary Hospital took to their Facebook page to introduce Skipper to the world, a little newborn puppy that has six legs and two tails.

They wrote, “This is a miracle named Skipper. Literally. She has survived longer than we suspect any other canine has (at just four-days-old, published research does not indicate one has been born alive) with her combination of congenital conditions.”

“She has congenital conjoining disorders called monocephalus dipygus and monocephalus rachipagus dibrachius tetrapus, which simply means that she has one head and chest cavity but two pelvic regions, two lower urinary tracks, two reproductive systems, two tails and six legs, among other things,”

“She also has signs of spina bifida along her spine,” they explained.

Based on her condition, they deduced that the puppy was supposed to have a litter mate, but they probably didn’t separate in utero.

“Positively, her organs appear to be in great shape, she is peeing and pooping and is very strong! She nurses well and is growing appropriately so far. All of her legs move and respond to stimulus just like a normal puppy.”

Though, she will need physical therapy and assistance with mobility as she gets older.

“We will continue to research her conditions, monitor her development during rechecks and help keep Skipper pain-free and comfortable for the rest of her life,” they added.

Considering the fact that Skipper may very well be the first puppy to be born alive with her conditions, we can’t wait to see how she takes on the world.

You go, Skipper!

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Source: India.com

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