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Meet The M’sian Designers That Can Transform Your Thrift Findings Into One Of A Kind Pieces



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Sustainable fashion has been booming in order to improve environmental issues such as minimising waste and reducing the usage of raw materials. So, thrift stores are a friendly way to combat those issues and it’s super cheap as well.

Thrift stores and bundle shops are all the craze for Malaysians these days and it’s a competitive business to be in as well. So, these local designers have come up with a business strategy to make them stand out from the rest of their competitors.

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“Makan Diri” on Irfan.

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Irfan and his partner, Naqibah, have been running an online thrift shop on Instagram called @uncledanaunty since March 2019. These two 22-year-old TESL students from Terengganu and Johor received appraisals galore from netizens and customers for their unique and innovative idea to incorporate their artistry in thrift findings.

Irfan and Naqibah shared with WORLD OF BUZZ that their first commission was from a friend. From there, they realised they could implement their creative skills into their clothing business and have been customising clothing since January of this year.

“Online thrift stores are a very competitive scene and you gotta do something that will stand out in the sea of thrift shops”, said Irfan.

The duo work seamlessly together to make sure their business is up and running with Irfan in charge of the uncle’s (male) clothing and custom work, while Naqibah is in charge with the aunty’s (female clothing), social media management and also customer service.

“The term “uncle dan aunty” came from our friends who kept teasing us for dressing up like those uncles and aunties that you would see in kopitiams and pasar pagis, so we adapted the name into our business.”

Most of their clients request drawings of animes such as Tokyo Ghoul, Death Note and Junji Ito’s “Uzumaki”. However, they would like to further focus on more original art and building up their brand towards a more grungy and edgy look. Irfan has been drawing for a long time now and his goal is to feature more of his works of art of clothing pieces.

Luckily, the responses have been amazing for these co-owners, locally and internationally. Their commissions are constantly fully booked because their clients can’t wait to have a piece of their amazing creations.

They further shared that they hope to have their own physical shop one day and to push their artistic side and feature more of their original works.

“I would be super happy if my original drawings get the same traction as our anime-themed stuff.”

They are very appreciative to those who have continuously supported their business and praised those who try to live a sustainable life and support sustainable fashion.

If you guys want to have a look at their thrift findings and unique art, check out their Instagram page (@uncledanaunty) and support local businesses.

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Source: Instagram

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