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Meet The M’sian Teacher Who Set A Guinness World Record For Teaching 88 Hours Non-Stop



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An inspiring Malaysian teacher made our country proud 15 years ago when he put our country’s name in the Guinness Book of World Records for teaching our national language for 88 hours non-stop!

Recently, WORLD OF BUZZ had the pleasure of interviewing Dr Elanthevan, a 57-year old Malay language teacher, for his incredible achievement as he shared with us about how much teaching means to him.


Setting A World Record

In 2005, Dr Elanthevan Annamalai from Kluang first made headlines after pulling off a legendary feat when he completed an epic four-day lesson that lasted for a total of 88 hours! The amazing achievement awarded him a place in the Guinness World Book of Records. Prior to this, he also earned a spot in the Malaysian Book Of Records for being the first-ever teacher to teach for 24 hours non-stop.

When asked about how he pulled off the incredible accomplishment, the dedicated teacher said his doctor actually advised him against trying such a crazy stunt due to his high blood pressure, but the passionate educator said, “I was determined to show my love for teaching.”


A Passionate Educator

Fast forward 15 years and you’ll find Dr Elanthevan just as dedicated as he was all those years ago,

“I’ve been a Malay teacher for about 37 years and I wanted everyone to realise how wonderful Malay language is and to prove Malaysians are talented and dedicated enough to achieve Malaysia Book of Records and Guinness Record too,” said Dr Elanthevan when he spoke of his teaching career. Despite his achievements, the modest educator said his biggest goal as a teacher is “to motivate my students to do the best, to do better than me I would say, and achieve more successful things in life.”


Started His Own Youtube Channel 

During the MCO, Dr Elanthevan had to adapt to online learning like most educators. However, his passion to teach went far beyond what he was expected to do. On top of conducting classes on Google Meet, the determined teacher also started his own Youtube channel called DrElanthevan Annamalai. He has posted videos at 5pm every day since the end of May to educate others on Malay grammar and essay writing. “I give advice on essay writing techniques as well to help students score well,” said Dr Elanthevan.

“I want our community to be an educated one and I’d be happy and proud if our community could gain benefit from these videos,” shared the inspiring teacher.


The Importance of the Malay Language

When asked for his response to those who claim that learning the Malay language isn’t important, Dr Elanthevan said, “Malay language is our national language and without it we will never be able to survive here.” In fact, the teacher added that he saw it as a blessing: “I would say it is a blessing for me as a non-Malay to be able to master the Malay language and achieve what I have.”
Despite all the accomplishments he’s had throughout his teaching career, the dedicated educator said “I am not planning to retire soon. I would like to educate more and more people as long as I have the energy to do it.”

He even offered to help those struggling to master the language, “I am always there to help those who are in need. I am willing to help those who are struggling with this language. They can just contact me through Facebook or leave a comment on my Youtube channel.”

It’s rare to find educators who are so passionate about sharing their knowledge with the world. Do check out Dr Elanthevan’s channel here for informative BM lessons or drop him a message on his Facebook to say hi! We hope his story has inspired you as it has with us.

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Source: WOB
Source: WOB
Source: WOB
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Source: WOB
Source: Facebook

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