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Miracle Baby Celebrates 1st Birthday Despite Being Born Without Top of His Skull



Source: HarianMetro&TheSun

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No one in this world would wish for something bad for their kids. But giving birth to special kids are not exactly uncommon.

For this parent who lives in Texas, their first-born survived a condition called anencephaly – which is a condition where a child’s brain and skull are not formed properly.

Baby With Head Deformity Survived First Year After Born Despite Doctor's Advise To Abort It - WORLD OF BUZZ

Source: The Sun

As reported by Harian Metro, Checotah Gordon, 25, mother of Ozzie Gordon claimed that “my husband and I found out about his condition during the early stage of pregnancy through CT scan.”

Source: The Sun

She added, “The specialist advised me to do an abortion, but I didn’t have the heart to do so and took the risk to give birth to him.”

“When he came out, it was visible his head had some deformity, we could see his brain tissues coming out of his skull,” added Checotah.

She claimed that the situation was far too dangerous but Ozzie managed to stay strong and celebrate his first birthday last October.

Source: Harian Metro

The couple decided to raise Ozzie with love and compassion despite his illness, which would cause him to grow slightly slower than other kids. Ozzie also might suffer from seizures and have a walking disability in the future.

When asked for what and how many kinds of blessings would the couple wish, they could only answer “We wish for Ozzie to live longer and happily.”

Source: Harian Metro


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