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MOH: Parents Advised Not to Give Bubble Tea to Kids As It Has Too Much Sugar



Health Minister: Sugary Drinks Like Bubble Tea Will "Jeopardise Your Health" - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Astro Awani & Cloudfront

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Bubble tea is all the craze right now and it looks like the trend is still going strong. While this drink may be popular, the amount of sugar in bubble tea has started to concern a lot of people.

The Health Minister, Dr. Dzulkefly Ahmad has urged parents to prevent their kids from being exposed to sugary drinks, especially bubble tea, reported Malaysiakini.

He reminded people to be smart consumers and not eat or drink products that would “jeopardise our health”, no matter how appealing the products are.

“Bubble tea, for instance, has a huge sugar excess,” he added. The Health Minister voiced out his concerns today at the ‘Reduce Sugar, Live Healthily’ campaign at Giant in Subang Jaya, Selangor yesterday (25 July).

Source: Youtube

Dr. Dzulkefly emphasised that the ministry does not stop people from drinking what they want but they will continue to monitor the intake of some sugary food and beverages to ensure Malaysians remain healthy.

“The most effective way is for the consumers to take their own initiative and responsibility by not encouraging their families to consume such products,” he said.

Dr. Dzulkefly also said that the amount of sugar in bubble tea beverages is too much and more than the daily recommended amount.

“If I am not mistaken, every 500ml (of the drink) contains about 20 teaspoons, while the recommended daily intake is eight (teaspoons),” he added.

Source: Utusan

According to Astro Awani, Dr. Dzulkefly said that the ministry is willing to meet with business owners about this issue if there’s a need. Dr. Dzulkefly added that the most effective way to control the bubble tea craze is to educate consumers and make them aware of the negative effects.

It’s good that the government is taking active steps to make sure Malaysians are living a healthier lifestyle. Anything above the recommended amount of sugar intake is detrimental for us. So choose healthier options, guys!


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