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MOHE’s Last Minute Decision Leaves Students and Parents in Financial Losses



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The decision made by Higher Learning Institutions that all classes at higher education institutions be held 100% online and physical registration of students for the upcoming semester be postponed, did NOT go down well with students and parents.

Taking to social media, netizens affected by the last-minute move shared just how affected they were by the move which was announced yesterday the Higher Education Ministry.

Shared on Facebook page UPSI Confessions, one student from Bintulu, Sarawak shared how she has just reached KLIA when the decision was announced.

“KPM announced that physical classes will be postponed when I’ve just arrived in KLIA from Bintulu.”

“I am planning to go back tomorrow, but my flight ticket is RM1,250 per person. I had to forgo my hotel in Perak because of this and going to KL today was just a waste of time.”

“Now tell me how should I not cry?”

In a note shared by an anonymous netizen to WORLD OF BUZZ, one affected student spoke of how affected some students were because of the decision.

“Currently the government announced that those who have bought flight tickets to come back to their universities can reschedule their flights until the 31st of December 2020.”

“The problem comes when we try to change our flight ticket dates, airline companies are charging us extra for it. If a flight was booked at RM125.99 it’s now charged at RM231.00.”

“Some of us do not come from well to do families to begin with, being fully dependent on our PTPTN and part-time jobs to pay for our studies.”

“Universities and the government should take into consideration of the student’s welfare when it comes to making decisions like this.”

Taking to Facebook, Higher Education Minister Dato’ Dr Noraini Ahmad said that the ministry has taken into consideration the plight of students as well as parents affected by the decision of Higher Learning Institutions to forgo physical registrations.

“It is with great hope that Higher Learning Institutions will act accordingly managing arising issues as a result of the cancelation.”

“To all students who have arrived on campus, can stay on campus until further notice by their respective universities. To students who have yet to make the journey, can stay in their hometowns for the time being.”

“I apologize for the inconveniences caused and hope that together we can stop the spread of Covid-19.”

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Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

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