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“This morning I had my haircut. It was only RM12 but today I paid RM32.”



Malaysian Man Spends RM50 On Strangers, Says 'What I've Lost, I Can Always Gain Back' - World Of Buzz 2

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In the current society where it’s every man for himself and people are always out to chase riches, we often forget to stop and think what’s truly important to us.

One Malaysian man by the name of Jagdish Singh had shared his inspiring act and thoughts on Facebook which then garnered over thousands of shares.

The post was on shared back in February 4, 2016 on his Facebook. However, his story recently resurfaced and netizens are sharing it like wildfire again.

Jagdish wrote,

“This morning I had my haircut. The barber was quite a young chap from India. Actual charge was only RM12 but today I paid RM32, including RM20 tip to him.”

“He seems quite shocked, I told him ‘This one you keep’ and thanked him for the haircut before moving back home.”

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“It struck in my mind just exactly how much he earns and how much he sends back home with our currency rate now.”

“Does he have any wife or kids back home? Did he even have his breakfast? What is the value of RM20?”

“Earlier just now, I had my late lunch in a small ‘gerai‘ in Bukit Bintang.”

“I saw 2 army and 2 police personnel having their lunch together with their weapons in hand. I opened my wallet and I saw only RM20.”

“I called upon the waiter and told him I’ll be back after taking out cash from the nearby bank. Coming back from the bank, I noticed they were still there.”

“I asked the waiter if they’ve paid and he said ‘Not yet’. I told him that I’ll pay for them all.”

“After all, just how much I might spend? It was only RM30 for all four. Is RM30 enough for the duty of protecting the life of others? Can that money buy their life if it’s ever lost?”

The man explained that money isn’t everything.

“It’s just a value on a piece of paper. Having lived 31 years and if suddenly I’m dead tomorrow, these papers would not benefit me in anyway.”

“I admit I don’t earn much but what stops me from giving? What makes us think by just making money, by saving a lot of it, by collecting tons of it and keeping it all to ourselves we’ll be happy?”

“Does it guarantee you eternal life? Hell not.”

Jagdish said that if had not spent that RM50 on others, he would have just pampered himself to some good food, new clothes or even relaxing at a bar while enjoying his drink. But he didn’t believe that that’s important.

“Is that all that matters? Is it only about us? Aren’t we all human beings living on the same goal? So why the stinginess?”

“Today, this 50 ringgit of mine which I gave away, didn’t steal my smile, it didn’t make me hungry, it didn’t make me sad, I didn’t regret, it definitely didn’t make me any poorer.”

Source: My News Hub

“What I’ve lost, I can always gain back.”

“It just made me realize that whatever I have is just a value on a paper. But if you put that value of a paper on yourself, than you’re actually really worth it.”

“Your life is worthy, only if you are.”

“At the end of the life, all you will ‘have’ is all that you gave away.”

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