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Most States Will Have Fine Weather on 9 May But Not in the Evening, MET Dept Says



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With GE14 just two days away, the one question that’s running in everyone’s mind is – how’s the weather going to be like? 

After all, the weather in Malaysia is known to be pretty temperamental. Thus, many of us are already planning the right time to go and vote. It mustn’t be too hot and it mustn’t rain heavily either – the ideal Khatulistiwa weather! 

Therefore, to help you plan the right time to vote, the Malaysian Meteorological Department (MET) has forecasted the weather on 9 May 2018, reported The Malay Mail

For illustration purposes | Source: Youtube

According to the MET, most of the states will have fine weather with the sun shining brightly on 9 May, which is polling day. They said that at least THREE lucky states are expected to experience good weather throughout the day (morning and evening); these fortunate states are:

  • Kuala Lumpur
  • Labuan
  • Melaka

KL-ites, orang Labuan and Malaccans, you can go out anytime to vote because the weather is in your favour! 

For illustration purposes | Source: Today

However, it revealed on its website that Penang and most states are forecasted to experience thunderstorm, isolated rain and cloudy skies in the evening. Oh no! 

For example, although Johor is bound to have fine weather, the MET forecasted thunderstorms in the evening in some areas in Johor. The areas predicted to be affected are:

  • Segamat
  • Labis
  • Ledang
  • Kluang
  • Pagoh
  • Bakri
  • Simpang Renggam
  • Sembrong

So, people residing in this area, you may want to vote in the morning when the weather is still fine. 

Meanwhile, the weather in East Malaysia is expected to be good. Yay!

For illustration purposes | Source: Photoblog

Sabah and Sarawak are predicted to experience a benign weather throughout the day. However, isolated thunderstorms, rain and cloudy weather are predicted at a few places in Sabah and Sarawak in the evening. 

They finally said that the temperatures will fluctuate between 24 and a maximum of 35 degrees Celcius. Seems like it’s not too bad!

Nevertheless, we should brace ourselves for any sort of weather on polling day and not allow it to affect our decision to go out and vote. Rain or shine, make sure you go out and vote people!


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