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Mother Warns Netizens About Her Baby Being Misdiagnosed at a Hospital in KL



Malaysian Baby Infected With Influenza A Misdiagnosed for Allergy in a Hospital in KL - World Of Buzz
Source: Facebook

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Recently, a netizen known as Vi Vian took it to Facebook to warn others after her 5-month-old baby daughter was misdiagnosed at a private hospital in Kuala Lumpur.

They went to the hospital four times in total and out of the four visits, three were considered an emergency as the baby was in terrible condition. Here’s what she wrote.

“During the first visit, the doctor told me that the rashes were caused by some kind of virus, but he didn’t tell me the name of the virus.”

“During the second visit, the doctor said the rashes were caused by some kind of allergy. I requested them to do a blood test for her but the doctor turned me down.”

“Then he gave me a cream to be applied on my baby’s rashes. After applying the cream, the rashes got even worse!”

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

“During the third visit, I requested to see a specialist. A blood test that costed me RM1,400 was done.”

“In the afternoon, the doctor called me after the results were out and reassured me that my daughter’s condition was not caused by the virus. I was told to bring her back to the hospital if the fever persisted.”

True enough, the baby’s fever rose to 39 degree Celsius at 6am the next day, and she was rushed to the emergency department. However, the mother was disappointed yet again.

“There was no one in the emergency department and the doctor only showed up after a while. I requested for my daughter to be hospitalised as the rashes had spread all over her body.”

“After the doctor communicated with the specialist who treated my daughter earlier, he said hospitalisation was unnecessary and that we can leave after he administered a rectal suppository to my daughter.”

Having no confidence at all in that hospital anymore, Vi Vian sent her daughter to Gleneagles and immediate care was given to her there. Phew…

“She was put under a drip and a blood test was done. The results stated that my daughter was infected with Influenza A!”

“Besides, an allergist and a dermatologist conducted an allergy test on her skin; it turns out her skin was fine and was not allergic to anything. The rashes caused by the Influenza A virus slowly faded away the next day.”

It’s baffling how the doctors from the initial hospital can misdiagnose the disease after four visits and one blood test. 

The Ministry of Health should look into this case to prevent others from suffering the same fate. WORLD OF BUZZ wishes the baby a speedy recovery.


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