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Mount Kinabalu Forest Becomes Surreal Ice-Covered Wonderland Every Morning in Drought Season



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If you are a fan of hiking and wish to see a rare phenomenon, the forest of Panabalan has something to offer to you guys. It’s currently covered in ice!

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Source: Facebook

According to Harian Metro, the phenomenon happens when the surrounding temperature hits -2 degrees Celcius. Yassin Miki, the manager of Kinabalu Park, said this typically happens when the temperature drops drastically during the drought season around 4am-5am.

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The dew drop-covered plants turn frozen in the early morning, and sometimes riverbeds or water puddles get covered in ice as well.

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Yassin Miki added that this phenomenon doesn’t last long though. The ice melts as soon as the sun rises and the process repeats every early morning for a certain period of time.

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This phenomenon happened several times over the past couple of years and it has been made into a golden opportunity for hikers to snap a few shots with the ice-covered landscapes.


Source: Facebook

This phenomenon happens by the hillside slope between kilometre 6.5 until kilometre 8. These photos were taken by hikers and managed to raise more than a million shares.


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