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M’sian Actress Under Fire After Using Blackface In TikTok Dance To Promote ‘Dayang Senandung’



Source: Change.org & Twitter

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We can’t believe this is still happening in this day and age.

Malaysian singer and actress, Wani Kayrie, recently came under fire from netizens after she ignorantly posted a video donning Blackface while she danced to a viral TikTok trend on the popular video-sharing platform. In the video, the public figure could be seen dancing out to “gun-like movements” with a full Blackface.

This outrageous stunt was later discovered to be a publicity move to promote the release of her upcoming drama, ‘Dayang Senandung’. For those of you who don’t know the Malaysian folklore story, the plot of ‘Dayang Senandung’ tells the story of a princess who was born under the ‘curse’ of black skin. Her fate at the end of the story occurs when the curse is lifted and she is ‘restored’ to a fairer complexion.

As you can tell, the plot has quite a few racist connotations and sends a negative message to its audience about discrimination towards other individuals based on the colour of their skin. While the movie was first released in 1965, it is being re-produced and is set to release in 2020.

However, the production of this drama is extremely inconsiderate and insensitive during this time, when the global population are standing up against racial injustice for the rights of Black people through the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

Since the TikTok video blew up, netizens have voiced their concerns and anger at how such productions are still being allowed in our country.

Many have even started their own petitions calling for the halt of this show. If you want to get involved, do take a look at the petitions below and sign them so this matter can be brought up to the relevant authorities.

  • Stop the production of the Dayang Senandung Drama by signing the petition here.
  • HALT Production of Dayang Senandung IMMEDIATELY by signing the petition here.

Racism should never be tolerated on or off the screen. Don’t advocate productions who support injustice! 


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Source: Change.org

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