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M’sian Boss Slaps Employee in Front of Customers, Netizens Boycott Restaurant



M'sian Boss Slaps Employee in Front of Customers, Netizens Start Boycotting Restaurant - World Of Buzz
Source: Lobak Merah

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No matter how terrible someone is, nobody deserves to be humiliated and mistreated in front of others.

So of course this restaurant owner received massive backlash from netizens when the incident of him slapping his employee went viral online, as reported by Lobak Merah.

A Twitter user by the name of GG expressed his anger towards the terrible employer’s action.

“I have banned the E*B*C*R*C shop in Malacca! The employer slapped his employee in front of customers without feeling bad. F*ck ah.”

Source: Lobak Merah

GG also explained that the Indonesian worker was moved to tears from the abuse but continued working anyway. Omg, you poor thing!

Meanwhile, GG sneaked pictures of the employer and worker, and shared them on the social media platform.

Source: Lobak Merah

Apparently, the foreign worker was slapped because the pail of water he was carrying had knocked into one of the customers. Even though the customer did not make a complaint about it, the boss still behaved irrationally.

“I don’t know if the Indonesian employee did anything to his boss or whatever before I arrived.

“But if he really wanted to slap him, at least do it in the kitchen or toilet where customers won’t see.”

After the incident went viral online, a netizen named Ashraf Roslan and the restaurant owner spoke on Whatsapp to discuss the matter.

At first, the owner blamed Ashraf for blowing things up on social media and calling it all lies. The employer claimed that the worker was a local Chindian boy whom he has raised for the past 15 years and that he was just ‘horsing around’.


Source: Lobak Merah


Of course, no sane person could accept such an excuse because regardless of their relationship with each other, slapping someone in public like that is just distasteful and uncalled for.

Most of the Twitter users sided with GG’s point of view that the employer was being senseless.

Besides that, many netizens even shared their own experiences with this restaurant and the boss. One netizen said that he saw the same worker being scolded by the boss for not wiping the table properly.

Another netizen said,

“Weh, I went there two weeks ago and the situation was intense too because the worker dropped a tray of glasses filled with drinks.

“The boss was yelling and screaming right next to us.”

Other people expressed that they would no longer be a patron in that establishment.

“There’s no need to go there anymore. Not professional. What if I made a mistake in my own order? I might be the one to get slapped instead.”

Indeed, if the boss could abuse his own employee like that, who is to say that he won’t mistreat customers too? Would you visit such an establishment even if the food is good?


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