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M’sian Boy Criticised For Posting Picture With a Stranger’s Sports Car, Owner Defends & Protects Him From Bullies



Source: Twitter

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Everybody wants to look good on social media, as likes, comments, and shares are becoming more of a form of validation than just additional features on an app.

But how far would you go in order to prove yourself worthy of likes on Instagram?

One kid decided to take a picture with a parked sports car and posted it on Instagram with the caption “Always push yourself.” Little did he know that the owner of the car would call him out for it in a now-viral Twitter posting. NM (@Marisalerose) shared screenshots of the Instagram posting, in which the boy can be seen sitting on her sports car.

NM captioned the posting with, “Random kid with my car, I don’t mind but look at his comment.”

Source: Twitter

The comment says, “This idol (referring to the boy) is so rich”, to which the boy had replied, “It’s just the world, brother.”

However, NM didn’t realise her posting would take an unexpected turn considering she only posted the call out as a joke, and she was baffled to find out that netizens were rushing to the boy’s Instagram page to criticise him and leave mean comments.

Saddened upon realising this, NM not only urged netizens to stop bullying the poor kid, but she also reached out to him to make sure he was okay.

NM said, “Guys, why criticise the boy, he didn’t do anything wrong, he’s still young. I don’t even care about his comment, I’m didn’t insult him, I just wanted to poke some minor fun. Pity him you guys, his comments are full of criticism.”

Feeling bad for putting the boy into the whole hullabaloo, she decided to reach out to him and met him up in person to make sure that the mean comments didn’t hurt his feelings.

NM shared the moment with a couple of pictures, captioned, “You guys criticised him, of course I had to come and see if he’s okay. I started it anyways. He’s a good kid. Full stop.”

Not only was NM nice enough to defend the boy from keyboard warriors, but she was also super sweet to at least make sure he didn’t let them bring him down.

But this situation begs a bigger question, why do kids these days feel the need to fabricate having riches and what do they get out of it?

NM’s posting has since garnered over 14,500 retweets.

Always find friends who like you for who you are, everyone else should never be worth your time. 


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