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M’sian Boy Suffers From An Incurable Skin Disease & Can’t Be Outdoors, The Family Needs Your Help



Source: Bernama & Bawang Rangers

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Little children were meant to play in the sun and rain and come home at the end of the day all sweaty and muddy.

But sadly, there are some children out there who can’t play in the sun and they need your help.

As according to Bernama, 6-year-old Muhammad Faris Amsyar Mohd Zurari from Pengkalan Chepa, Kelantan, who is living with Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) cannot be exposed to hot weather, cannot scratch or rub against anything including clothes or toys, if not, his skin will become wounded, blistered and will fall off.

The poor little boy has had EB since birth and what makes it sadder is that there doesn’t seem to be a cure and that he’ll have to endure it for the rest of his life.

His mother, 36-year-old Norazilawani Zi said that when Faris was born via surgery at the Hospital Raja Perempuan Zainab II (HRPZ II) due to a breech birth, Faris came out with no skin on his right leg to a point where his veins could be seen from his knees to his feet. Doctors had apparently confirmed that it was due to the EB disease.

She said that Faris’s skin, compared to his two siblings, is so sensitive that he can only stay locked up indoors to prevent his skin from getting wounded.

“In the beginning, it could only be seen on his leg but as days went by, it got worse until it was all over his body. It not only affects the outer layer of his skin that is wounded and has boils, but now the inner layer is also easily torn, including his gums which makes it difficult for him to eat,” she said.

“Even his eyes are not problematic, apart from all his toenails and fingernails falling off when he was over a year old, he is also expected to undergo surgery in February 2021 to remove some of his damaged and brittle teeth to prevent bacterial infections.

In order to completely focus on his well-being, his mother had to quit her job as a clerk at an insurance company five years ago.

“But since last year, I’ve started a snack stall near our house to meet his needs with a daily income of about RM50,” she added, apart from depending on her husbands income of RM100 a day as a manual laborer.

The cost to care for Muhammad Faris hits RM2,000 a month, including cleaning equipment for his wounds as well as special milk priced at RM118 for a can, which will last for about two weeks. They also receive a monthly assistance of RM350 from the Social Welfare Department (JKM).

Anyone who is interested in reaching out to help Muhammad Faris can contact his mother, Norazlinawani Zi at +60199443559.

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Source: Bernama

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