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M’sian Company Rewards Loyal Staff of 25 Years With A Brand New Ride Worth RM80,000!



Source: Yin Era Enterprise

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Loyalty benefits are perks offered by a company to employees who are willing to stay with them through thick and thin, seeing their business through both the good and the bad. Often times, these loyalty rewards come in the form of a lump-sum cash payout, or in some cases, it can be something incredibly meaningful and pretty expensive, like a commemorative watch.

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But the bar for loyalty benefits has now officially been raised a few notches higher, after a local Malaysian company went viral over social media when they shared how they had bought a loyal employee a brand new car as a reward for her efforts! Damn jealous man.

The company, Yin Era Enterprise Sdn Bhd, which sells office supplies to corporate clients, gifted the lucky female employee a new Toyota Vios E Automatic, which retails at over RM80,074, for her hard work and dedication to their business for over 25 years. Having been with the company since 1995, the owners of Yin Era said that they were eternally grateful for her continued dedication in helping their business grow over the decades.

恭喜MS Chong, 25年陪伴着公司的成长,你的努力你的贡献,我们深深地感激今天。公司送礼送您一辆汽车是你应得的,希望将来的日子,我们会更加的努力,创造新的未来。

Posted by Okada Station- Yin Era Enterprise Sdn Bhd on Selasa, 18 Ogos 2020

In their Facebook post, the owners of the company thanked Ms Chong Yik Fong for her contributions, and said they had wanted to gift her what they feel she had rightfully deserved after all these years.

The owners also added that they hope that Ms Chong will continue to strive to greater heights with them in the years ahead, and build upon their successes together in their business.

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Ms Chong on her incredible achievement, and hope that her new car will serve her well! But also brb, we’re going to email this story to our boss also ah.


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