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M’sian Cop Goes Viral After Flipping Middle Finger at Reporters Outside Courtroom



M'sian Cop Stuns Reporters With Middle Fingers After Being Charged For Accepting Bribe - WORLD OF BUZZ

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Policemen are supposed to keep calm 24/7 and remain composed even under stress, but this particular abang polis decided to let everyone know how he was feeling at that moment.

Earlier today, three policemen from the motorcycle patrol unit in Johor were charged in court for accepting bribe. The accused are aged 26, 30 and 33.

According to Oriental Daily, the trio allegedly accepted two bribes on 9 October 2016 from two drug addicts in exchange of not filing a report against them. The amount they received were RM5,000 and RM2,250 respectively.

When the charges were read out to them in court today, all of them pleaded not guilty. The judge set the bail at RM10,000 for each cop and ordered them to report themselves at Johor’s MACC every week.

This is where the fun begins.

When leaving the courtroom, reporters from various media have already been camping outside waiting to take their pictures. Understandably, they covered their faces with both hands, but one of them did something rather unconventional.

The accused clad in a striped T-shirt shockingly flipped both his middle fingers at the media while shouting vulgar words. The middle fingers stayed up the entire time from the hallway all the way to the elevator. #thuglife

Apparently, he was agitated by the presence of the reporters and decided to voice out his dissatisfaction.

Netizens were stunned and amused at the same time by the policeman’s reaction as they’ve never seen such behaviour coming from a law-enforcer before.

“With this kind of attitude, how did he make it into the force in the first place?” a netizen questioned. 

“I’ve only seen such savage moves on the internet before, not on newspaper,” another netizen commented.

The trio are now being investigated by MACC and could face imprisonment of up to 20 years, or be fined up to five times the amount of bribery.

Well, that says something about the policeman’s personality. Anyway, we hope the case can be investigated thoroughly to weed out the bad apples. 


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