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M’sian Dad Brings Daughter to Hospital Thinking She Has Menstrual Cramps But She Gives Birth Instead



Father Brings 20yo Daughter Thinking She Has Menstrual Cramps But She Gives Birth to Baby Instead - WORLD OF BUZZ
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At 7am on 30th July, a father brought his daughter to the hospital thinking she had menstrual cramps, but was shocked to find out that she was actually pregnant when she started giving birth in the emergency room.

The 20-year-old girl who lives with her family in Kampung Santubong, Kuching, hooked up with her lover 10 months ago, and because they did not use proper contraceptive methods, she became pregnant. After that, she stopped communication with her boyfriend although the reason wasn’t revealed. She also did not tell her family that she was pregnant.

According to Oriental Daily, it is not known how the woman knew how to hide her pregnancy, but her family did not suspect that she was pregnant at all until the day she went into labour.

During the early stages of her pregnancy, when her abdomen started growing bigger than usual, the woman was afraid that her family would notice it, so she tied a belt tightly around her tummy in order to flatten her bulging stomach. This proved successful as her family still did not realise that she was pregnant.

Several months later, when the woman’s pregnancy had reached full-term, she went into labour and asked her family for help as she was in a lot of pain. However, her father thought that she was just having a severe stomachache from menstrual cramps and brought her to Sarawak General hospital immediately.

Source: Remaja

When they arrived at the emergency ward, the woman’s father went to get help from the medical staff, pointing to his daughter and saying that she has a severe stomachache. However, when they reached her, he was shocked to see that she was taking off her pants.

He scolded her and asked, “Why are you taking off your pants?”. Little did he know that the moment she took off her pants, her baby had already come out and fell to the ground.

Source: clickinmoms

He was horrified to find out that her stomachache was actually because she was pregnant and started scolding his daughter for embarrassing him. He then refused to accept the baby boy and said that anyone who wanted the baby could take it away.

The doctors and nurses present at the scene comforted him and persuaded him to think twice about it and act in accordance with the law, but it wasn’t revealed what decision the father made after that.


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